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What is stamp collecting?

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, my family and those whom God loves:

Stamp collecting is the collecting of postage stamps and other objects related to postage stamps such as postcards, envelopes that carried mail, markings or labels applied to mail including postage meters, Christmas Seals, revenue stamps and other items. It is related to philately, which is the study of stamps.

Collecting stamps is a hobby for people of all ages. Some may enjoy collecting these stamps just the simple act of arranging them on a page, but these postage stamps are also a great way to learn about history, geography, art and world cultures.

Stamps have been issued from postal services from all over the world since 1840. Every subject you can imagine has been printed on colorful stamps: religion, animals, sports, maps, cars, ships, movie stars, you name it. No matter what your interest, there are stamps that will complement that interest.

Stamp collecting is quite unique in that there are unlimited ways to collect stamps. Just the fact that it would be realistically impossible to collect one of every single stamp ever to exist means that a collection has to be somehow limited.  Even it it were possible to collect one of every stamp, there are varied postmarks of used stamps, the differences in centering, or conditions or stamps.  So stamp collecting is a hobby with an astronomical variety of possibilities. Added to this are the innumerable ways to categorize stamps and order them by country, theme, topic…

So what is stamp collecting? As one writer expressed it…

Stamp Collecting is the journey one takes between his or her very first stamp and their last! In this way, every stamp collection is 100% unique. And that is why the hobby can only be truly defined by the collector themselves. 1

Grace be with you,

By PT Graff

A baptized child of God's, called to be a son, husband, father, citizen of Canada and heaven and a pastor.