Fishkeeping for Children

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, my family and those whom God loves:

Using the hobby of fishkeeping is a great way to communicate God’s Word to our children. There are almost 70 fish-related references in the Bible, some of which are core to our understanding of the Christian faith (Matthew 4:19). As an example, in setting up an aquarium parents could invite their children to think of all the ways God has set up the world to look after our needs and the needs of creatures like fish. After setting up the aquarium offer a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s creation and His ongoing care.

The following is a list of resources I have collected to help parents and their children become familiar with the hobby:
Fishkeeper Fry
🐟 Setting Up Your Aquarium (archived backup)
🐟 Water Testing and Plants (archived backup)
🐟 Adding Fish and Feeding Them (archived backup)
🐟 Cleaning the Filter and Holiday Care (archived backup)
🐟 Water Change (archived backup)
🐟 Algae and How Fish Breathe (archived backup)
🐟 Good Food and Digestion (archived backup)
🐟 How Do Fish Breed and What Have We Learned (archived backup)

Grace be with you,

By PT Graff

A baptized child of God's, called to be a son, husband, father, citizen of Canada and heaven and a pastor.