About Me

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, my family and those whom God loves:

To protect my privacy I have kept the following information general in nature.

I was born in the late 1950’s, the oldest of five sons raised in a working class family that never had much and yet had all we needed. During my childhood we lived in two small rural cities in the province of Saskatchewan, (Canada).

I was baptized as an infant and nurtured in the Lutheran confession of the Christian faith. My parents were pious, practicing daily devotions and prayer, attending weekly worship and Bible study. The local church was our extended family.

There was nothing unusual about my childhood. I performed above average in academics and sports while excelling in music. If I could describe myself growing up, I would say I was moderately introverted with a love for information and knowledge; an informal learner and systematic thinker who had a strong sense of the call of God in my life. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator would identify me as a classic INTJ, one of those rare breeds who are often very difficult to understand by other personality types.

After high school I joined the Canadian Armed Forces, convinced that this was God’s will for my life and through the fine persuasion of a recruiter, I became an Airframe Technician. The call of God, however, eventually took me out of the Armed Forces and on a journey towards pastoral ministry.

This adventure began with an undergraduate degree at the University of Saskatchewan. It was a general B.A. with an emphasis in psychology which poorly prepared me for what I would encounter in the halls of theological learning.

After some doubts as to whether I should pursue seminary I eventually arrived there and after four-a-half years graduated with a M.Div. from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Saskatoon. I came out prepared to be a manager or caretaker of congregations, but found myself ill equipped to pastorally care for congregations under the growing influence of a post-modern culture and a dominant and continually morphing evangelicalism that was reshaping, redefining and tearing down the historic apostolic and catholic church.

Thank God I was blessed with a help mate through this time. Prior to my last year of seminary, Beth (nee Eriksson) and I were married and over the next ten years we were gifted with four daughters. Marriage and family had both its joys and struggles, but by God’s grace our marriage not only survived, but became more deeply rooted in Christ. As for our children who are now adults, I thank God for the way they have contributed to the well-being of this world through their varied vocations and for the healthy marriages and families of those who have been blessed with these. Most importantly, it is my hope that each of my children would trust in the saving promises Christ has made to them in their baptism. We did our best to provide a faith foundation, but I confess my own shortcomings in this matter and wish we had done more. Even so, their story is not yet ended. To my final breath I will pray for them daily, trusting that the Holy Spirit will renew in them the assurance of their salvation in Christ alone and place them solidly within Christ’s body.

For more than thirty-five years I have been blessed in serving nine congregations within Christ’s body located in three provinces and one territory. I have served these congregations as a mission surveyor, summer supply, intern, mission developer, solo pastor, associate pastor and senior pastor with multiple staff. These churches have been located in rural villages and towns, as well as small and large cities. For a two year period I even had opportunity to be the Communications Director for Canadian Lutheran World Relief.

I have always been a Christian of the Lutheran confession although the meaning of that has significantly changed over time. I was baptized in a congregation of the American Lutheran Church (ALC). In 1966 the Canadian section of it became the autonomous Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada (ELCC). In 1986 this church body merged with the Lutheran Church in America (LCA) – Canada Section to become the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC). This is the church body in which I was ordained. In 2013 I left the increasingly liberal ELCIC to join the more conservative Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC) and later was also certified with the North American Lutheran Church (NALC). In 2020 I hope to leave my current congregation and church bodies to join the more confessionally conservative Lutheran Church – Canada (LCC).

Although I certainly love my wife and family and have had times in my life when I’ve been obsessed with other things like coaching soccer, collecting stamps and fishkeeping, Christ and his church have been front and center in my life. I am passionate about my vocation as a pastor despite the many challenges and conflicts created by our sinful nature, the world and the devil. My greatest joys in pastoral ministry include growing in God’s Word, studying theology, preaching and teaching, administering the Lord’s Supper to the homebound, and ministering the Gospel to those who are downtrodden.

In 2013, after having been theologically blown about for most of my ministry, I went through a personal reformation whereby the Holy Spirit re-anchored me to God’s Word, and to the Lutheran confession of that Word, specifically, to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This has become a life transforming development for me, but it has also put me at odds with some people who have a very different view or non-view of being Lutheran.

At the time of this writing (2019-2020), I am in the process of completing my call in my current congregation, while seeking colloquy and a call within Lutheran Church – Canada sometime in 2020. I am still healthy and I hope to serve my Lord and his church as pastor for as long as I am able.

So there will be hopefully more to say and if not…whether I live or whether I die I am the Lord’s (Romans 14:8 A) and I make these inspired words my own:

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day, and not only to me but also to all who have loved his appearing. – 2 Timothy 4:7-8

Grace be with you,