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Aquatic Posts and Resources

🐟 Master Aquascaper Dennis Wong Answers Beginner Questions (200131) (Archived)

🐟 Fishkeeping for Children

🐟 What is fishkeeping?
🐟 History of Fish Keeping
🐟 Fishkeeping Systems

Marine Fish
🐟 Royal Gramma: Care Guide, Compatibility, Diet and Habitat – 2017 (archived)

🐟 Fish for really BIG tanks

Online Stores (Canada)
🐟 Big Al’s Pets (Ontario)

🐟 Beginners Guide to Aquatic Plants: How to Keep Plants in Your Fish TankArchive Copy

🐟 The Definitive Planted Aquarium Guide – focus: aquascaping (Dennis Wong)
🐟 Tank Tested – focus: aquascaping

Weird Water Creatures
🐟 Bobbit Worm

YouTube Channels
🐟 A Review of the Maidenhead Aquatics YouTube Channel
🐟 Big Al’s – 114K Subscribers…They offer the latest information and “how to” videos to help you build your personal aquarium.
🐟 Prime Time Aquatics – 61.4K Subscribers…They cover how to care for and breed fish, product reviews, general fish room updates and information, as well as, best practices in fish keeping.
🐟 Tank Tested – 66.1K Subscribers…Aquascapes and first-hand accounts of how to set up a natural aquarium.